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Grace Design m903 - Stereo Monitor Controller/Headphone Amplifier

: Grace Design

The m903 keeps what was great about its predecessors (m901, m902), but adds some cool new features and even more breathtaking audio performance.

Perhaps the most exciting advancement is the all new asynchronous high speed USB interface, which allows for bit-perfect USB playback and zero interface induced jitter. This works with standard driverless USB Class 1 operation on Windows and Mac up to 24bit/96kHz and USB Class 2 audio for 24bit/192kHz operation on Windows and Mac (drivers needed for 192kHz operation under Windows). Computer audiophileBLISS.

An all new volume control provides higher headroom and lower distortion and noise. New generation DAC's and ultra-low noise balanced current to voltage converter yields even more musical performance compared to the m902. Improveds-lock PLL circuitry delivers even lower phase noise and jitter. An improved power supply isolates headphone amplifiers, line amplifiers, DAC's and digital logic, resulting in lower noise and distortion.

Both balanced and unbalanced line outputs are now standard, with individual volume controls for each. The enhanced crossfeed circuitry now includes gentle compensation to eliminate the perceived loss of low frequency content, and we have even included a mono mode for checking a mix for phase issues or simply monitoring in mono. These improvements cement the m903 as a perfect compact, precision monitor controller, even for larger scale production environments with more than one set on monitors.

There's simply more to the m903 than what we can include here, so stay tuned to our website for more information, specs, reviews etc...

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m903     Monitor Controller/Headphone Amplifier
Produkt: : m903 Monitor Controller/Headphone Amplifier

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Studio & Monitorcontroller

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